Most of us have been on dates or know of someone who is in the dating world. And it is tough! Times have changed and the way people date is different from before. And, yes, sales has some of the same basic rules as dating. When you are dating, you may be hoping to find a quality date, just like salespeople are trying to find the most qualified lead. And, then maybe you would like a long-term commitment, yep, you see it…a salesperson wants a commitment from the qualified lead.

Here are three basic rules that ensures the deal will most likely be closed for sales, and heck, if it helps you or a friend with dating, then wonderful!.

1. Reach out to your prospects to generate interest

In dating you need to generate interest in you and sales is no different! Reaching out to your customers is one thing, but generating interest is another. The first thing you need to do is to get them talk to you. In order to do that, don’t sell too early.
According to research conducted by SalezBee, 78% of sales professionals sell too early and 86% of companies do not even have a sales process in place.

The way prospects , Think

Most sales professionals do not seem to understand that generating interest is much harder than closing the deal. The best way to generate interest is to feel their pain. Sometimes prospects do not even know their pain and you can help them identify it.

1.Engage prospects with email outreach

2.Engage prospects on your website via a Chat Bot

3.Engage prospects with videos

The way prospects , Think

Slow down and figure out what makes you special in dating and sales. Why would customers be interested in you and what can you offer to them? Remember, when you go out to generate interest, it is important that you are creative and different. Stand out from the crowd!

Thus, I break my prospect list into three areas. The principal segment is those individuals or organizations that both need and can bear the cost of my administration. I prospect intensely to this gathering. The subsequent gatherings are those individuals or organizations that needn't bother with my administrations today yet presumably will in one to three years—or who likely will be in a situation to bear the cost of my administrations inside that timeframe. I market to these prospects all the time through email and snail mail yet just reach them by means of phone once, perhaps two times every year. The third gathering is individuals and organizations that are probably going to turn out to be genuine prospects in the more far off future. This gathering I contact through email or snail mail once a quarter.

2. Engage your audience on what is important to them

Congratulations! You generated the interest. Now it is time to engage your prospects, so they are willing to listen from you further. You can use a multi-stage approach to do so. In multi-stage engagement, you are talking to prospects in different ways in different platforms. When dating, it’s important to go on dates to different locations. For example, you may go to a movie, then out for dinner. On another date you may go to a sporting event or party. It’s all about incorporating different activities that engage your date. You need to do this in sales as well. For example, you can:

The problem is that this engagement is very time consuming, requires a lot of admin work and can feel like boring, repetitive tasks. It is important that you automate prospect engagement. To do this, you need a prospect engagement tool.

3. Manage each qualified prospect until you close the deal!

Managing your prospects is the most important step, if you fail to manage your qualified prospects, all your hard work is lost. This is the stage where the majority of salespeople get frustrated and waste too much time on those prospects that will never convert. And, like dating, if you cannot keep track of who you are dating, get names mixed up, or never call them back because you lost their number, you won’t be as successful! Here are three tips to help you close the deal:

1. Follow up with your prospects. It’s common to lose track of prospects when you have too much on your plate. 2. Keep your sales cycle short. A short sales cycle is easier to manage, and prospects won’t get lost in the shuffle or disengage because it takes too long. 3. Provide proper content so prospects understand your product better. Explain the features and benefits of your product and why they must choose your product. Focus on quality content that is brief, yet informative.

In summary, to close deals faster (and have better quality dates and long-term potential!), you must:

• Reach out to your prospects to generate interest using a multi-channel approach • Engage your audience on what is important to them, but don’t sell right away • Manage each qualified prospect until you close the deal, don’t lose track of them!

You can do this with a proven sales processes and determination! Never give up!

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