The way system , Works
The way system , Works

Before I start with perfect email marketing formula, let me answer this question first; Does Email marketing really works? Here are some quick stats that show you how effective email is:

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is just over $30; this is true for almost 7 out of 10 businesses.

Email offers you more than one opportunity to sell your products

Although, social media is important, but email subscriber is more valuable than a social media follower.

I hope you got the point now; Let’s talk about perfect email marketing formula.


Email Content


It is very important that email content is very catchy; write your emails from one person’s point of view and focus on expressing pain and objections. In the last, make sure you that you don’t forget to express urgency, they need your product or service now.

Remember, the subject line is the most important part of email marketing, keep it short, catchy and write a kick-ass subject line. Here is how I do it, write 10 subject lines and then write 10 more. Most of the times, you send the same content with different subject lines and believe me, it works like crazy.

Here are some tips,

Keep subject line below 50 words

If possible, make your subject lines more personal

Forget about your dictionary, it just does not work

Make your subject lines totally weird or totally focused on a benefit


Email Sequence


Well, stop selling too early, almost 90% of the folks even those with expensive priced degrees from impressive academic institutions; usually drop the ball with email marketing. They start selling way too early in the email marketing and the crazy thing is; they send completely irrelevant emails that have no connection with your buyers. Write simple emails and act like humans.

Here is the sequence which works almost every time,

The First email; make sure you feel their pain.

Second email; Exploit their pain and make them understand their pain.

Third email; This is tricky, off them a solution of their pain but without being too salesy.

Fourth email; the gentle reminder and make them feel the urgency.

Here is the golden rule, all four emails must have minimum 3 days gap.


Day & Time

It goes without saying that send times are very important if you want your open and click rate really good. Here is what I found in my experience. Although, you should test which send times work well for your potential customers but here are my hard and fast rules.

Absolutely avoid Mondays and Fridays, yes I agree that engagement is high but the response rate is very bad because your email likely to get lost in the email shuffle. 

I found Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days and my personal favorite is Tuesday as people survived Monday and now they are very much organized.

Ok, we got the days, how about time? My personal experience, 6 am in the morning and lunchtime are the perfect times to send emails, very high response rate, and open rate.


Well, that’s all for now and I hope you got some nice tips.