How to build effective sales process.
How to build an effective sales process

It goes without saying that if the companies want to grow faster then these guys must have an effective sales process. But the biggest problem is your killer sales process just does not long very last and companies have to revisit after a year or a little more.

But, let’s not be shocked, almost 90% of the startups and small-medium businesses do not even have one let alone improving it. Well, not having an effective sales process means walking on a busy road with eyes closed, yes guessed it right, you will cease to exists.

Now you know, how important is to have an effective sales process, let’s talk about how to build one which produces results.

Who is your customer!

Come on, please do not tell me that everyone is your customer, good luck if you guys think everyone is your customer.

Build a hypothesis of which companies need your product or service.

Now put down some common characteristics of each tier of your prospect universe. Here’s how you might begin to categorize.

  1. Strategic Accounts

These are your dream accounts, you absolutely want to do business with them because they will change the direction of your company and will blow away all the sales targets.

  1. Easy Accounts

These type of accounts are your bread and butter accounts and should all be doing business with you.  These are too many to list by name but you can easily define a few key straits they share.

  1. Compelling Accounts

These are the accounts that generally don’t have immediate needs but then something happened out there, internal or external, now they want your product or service. 

  1. Dead Accounts

These accounts may want to purchase your services or product. They may even want to buy from you but for some strange reasons, they will not. Here is the biggest problem with the dead accounts, they look exactly like bread & butter accounts.